I Have Changed

I have changed, or I should say ‘transformed’ over the years from optimistic to realistic and from process-oriented to result-oriented person.

There is nothing wrong about being optimistic, but sometimes it felt like I had injected false hopes to myself far too many times.

Being realistic doesn’t mean you giving up hopes or not having ones but simply putting hopes in a right portion. You follow all the right processes, but it doesn’t guarantee the result you expect. Things that come along the way may put all of your works on risk. You have to assess all resources, environment, competition, and other possibilities and get a total picture of what you will get at the end. This is what I mean by being realistic.

Being process-oriented is not wrong either. But by the end of the day we have to realize that it’s the result that’s the most important. What is the goal by doing all the right process if it is not the good result. That’s why I’m not against so-called ‘instant process’. It saves times indeed. But (there’s always buts 😁), you have to asses all the risks.

Instant foods, instant career, plastic surgery, etc, they all carry their own risk. But the result is good (and fast). If you can manage the risk then go with it.

So, are you the optimistic one or the realistic one? Are you process-oriented one or result-oriented one?


  1. It changed along the age…
    The transformation also happens to me and still on going.
    From perfection to realistic, i could say.
    With understanding that i am human after all and failures are not something bad.
    While positivism also grow in me days by days, might by realization that its all mortal and soon everything will vanish without we even realize it.

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  2. I think day by day I become more and more realistic and process oriented.
    I am more concerned and concerned about what the process told me and evaluate here and there in my life.
    As you said doing some instant things, carry their own risk, as same as process things.
    We just choose what kind of “war” that we want to face it.


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