Hating Someone Is Okay (Sometimes)

I’ve been raised not to hate someone, full of forgiveness, and ‘loving my enemies’. Just like what Bible says. I agree. No doubt. 

But then reality bites me. In my older age, I met some people who are really arrogant bastards, full of craps, and treating me like shit. 

Surprise! All of the sudden, I became a hater, full of revenge plan, and sometimes I felt like making their life miserable was my only life goal. Yes, that bad. Bye bye to innocent me. 

Is that okay? Yes and no. 

Well, you cannot ‘keep’ the hate away just because you’ve been raised not to. Pretending is always a bad thing. Just be honest to yourself and hate them! Pretending to forgive someone you really hate is a start to a bigger hate. Believe me. 

Revenge is another story. You cannot pretend that you don’t hate someone. But it doesn’t mean you have to make plans for revenge. Revenge plan is a start of long miserable war between you and that person. When you make a revenge plan, be ready for another endless revenge game. So don’t! 

My friend taught me how to deal with this hate-revenge thing. Just ignore them. Erase them from your life. Make their existence gone forever. And go on with your life. Easy? No. But it’s worth your time. Instead of focusing on people you hate, you better focus on people who you love and love you back. 

Well, just my two cents 🙂

Photo courtesy: eclecticblue.org.uk


  1. i hate MY LECTURE and HEAD of STUDY PROGRAM because they are NEVER GUIDE ME AS A STUDENT when i write my thesis. Ya, gila kali gue udah satu bulan, chat whatsapp cuma di read dan setiap kali gue memohon untuk bimbingan selalu diundur bahkan gamau samsek, even my father is a lecturer like that he never do that because every single day when i stay at parents home his student always comming for asking his guidance. i hope life, family and carrer of MY LECTURE and HEAD of STUDY PROGRAM IS COMPLICATED BY EVERYTHING!

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