How To Handle Work Stress

1. Don’t be arrogant. If you’re arrogant, people will hate you and they will make your life difficult in the office. You’ll be crazy all the time. So, just be kind to everybody.

2. Go for vacation. Refresh your soul, go to the place you’ve never been before. Forget your work stress for a while. Enjoy the nature, the food, the crowd. Feel the local ambience. You’ll be amazed by how your soul will relieved after the trip no matter how tired you are.

3. Take cooking lesson. Remember your favorite food that’s really expensive? Try to make it by yourself. It’s surely cheaper. You can even create your own style of that food. And you know what, this activity will make you relax.

4. Be sporty. Go to the gym, do running, practice yoga. The healthier your body, the clearer your mind. Join a competition if you dare. A challenge will keep your spirit high. Pssst…my next year resolution will be joining one of running competition. Wish me luck 🙂

5. Broaden your circle of friends. It’s true that the older we are the smaller circle of friends we have. But this will lead to another boring life. Meet new friends, hang out with them, join some communities, and enjoy your colorful life.

6. Sharing with the others. What you give is what you get. It may not be directly on the same form, but for sure when you give happiness you get happiness. Teach the kids in the neighborhood, pay a visit to an orphanage, be a voluntary in nursing home, or simply give blood donation. Believe me, you’ll be happy.

7. Read a book or even better, write one. Ok I know it’s difficult. But you can start with a simple blog. Write anything you want. Your experience, your opinion, your expertise advise, anything. You can read it again in the future. Maybe in a long loooong time. Then you can smile at it, laugh at it, or even better, you can learn from your own experience.

8. Take a good rest. Remember, you are not robot. But even robot needs recharging. Take enough sleep. Don’t push yourself too much. Your body has perfect alarm system. If you don’t feel good, headache, tired, it means you need to take a rest. Don’t avoid your alarm system.

9. Watch your favorite movies. Old movies, new movies, action movies, comedy movies, Hollywood movies, Bollywood movies, anything. Do crying, laughing, shouting, dancing. You can even watch porn if you like 🙂

10. Be happy. Your happiness will make you enjoying your job, not the other way around. So create your own happiness and enjoy your life at work.

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