The Warmth of Japanese Culture in the Midst of Chilly Winter

It is said, Japan is a beautiful country throughout the seasons. Colorful flowers under the sunlight in summer or the expanse of white snow that cover the streets in winter. Those blooming sakura that decorate the city in spring or those red maple leaves blown by the wind in autumn. Beautiful!
Japan is a place where traditional culture blends with modern civilization without crushing each other. The people always seem to rush, but still willing to stop and chat friendly when visitors asked for directions.

Japan is a place where discipline is implemented on the daily life of the people. Whether they are on the train queueing, in the shop & restaurant, crossing the street, lining up in the escalator, etc. Japanese are law-abiding citizens. They also maintain the cleanliness and beauty of their surrounding.

I had the opportunity to visit Japan in this December. Unfortunately due to limited time, I only got to visit Tokyo and Kyoto. The season was undergoing a transition from autumn to winter. The temperature ranged between 3 to 10 degrees. Cold. They said it is colder in Japan this year.

The food? Everything is delicious here. Hot ramen, original sushi, spicy curry, you name it. And they always serve the food in a really beautiful packaging. For Japanese, the look of the foods is as important as the taste. It shows their appreciation for foods.

Usually you cannot put conservative and fashionable in one sentence. But not with Japanese people. They manage to be fashionable in conservative way. They go with conservative color (black, grey, brown) for latest fashion trend. So for me, Japanese people are conservatively fashionable.

I know the words will not be able to describe the beauty of Japan at that time. I will let my photographs tell the stories. About the warmth of Japanese culture in the midst of chilly
winter. Enjoy.
































  1. Yaaay! Congrats for writing in English for the first time!
    Overall you’ve done a good job. You keep your sentences short and simple. You don’t overdo your explanation. Being straight to the point is the key to start, and you’ve already applied it here. Well done, Ben! 🙂


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