Over The Lunch

Sometimes a casual discussion over lunch is fruitful. Below are all I’ve got in the discussion couple weeks ago with a very good friend:

1. Nothing lasts forever in politics. Changes happened in minutes. You just have to be ready with many plans.

2. Bad things that happened to you yesterday maybe actually good for you in the long run and vice versa. Be patient

3. You may get more enemies when you do the good things, but still you have to do it. Be cool

4. Money is like salt water. The more you get, the more you want it. You can drink the whole sea if possible and you will feel thirsty even more. Be humble

5. Sometimes angel is angel and evil is evil. But most of the time evil appears as angel in front of us. Just follow your heart.

6. Some people find it’s really difficult to respect other’s choices. They even judge other’s decision. Be kind

7. If it comes to choices, you have to choose no matter how difficult it is. Be wise

8. Leaving or staying have the same risk. It can offer you happiness or sadness. Take the risk and be happy
*photo from telegraph.co.uk


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