Man and Responsibilities

Man and Responsibilities
(written: Saturday, April 21st, 2007)

I talked with my friends yesterday. And we discussed about what a man should be. Then he said that a man should have 3 functions. Especially in a marriage.

1. Decision Maker

A man should be a decision maker. If you’re man enough, you’re not supposed to be ’standing in the middle’. You have to know what to do in the right time. And you have to responsible about that decision. In a relationship, become decision maker doesn’t mean to be a dictator or tiran. Every decision that you make should consider your partner also.

2. Protector

Of course, you have to be a protector. In a marriage, protecting your partner is a must. Your partner needs protection from anything bad. But again, it doesn’t mean you have to control your partner in every way. Remember, in some ways, she can protect herself.

3. Provider

In this case, you have to be very careful. Recently, it’s so common that both wife and husband work. But, I think that the responsible is still in husband side. Wife’s income is only for additional income. You can say that I’m a conservative guy, but I can’t stand if wife’s income is higher that husband’s. It can be happened only if the wife can keep her husband’s proud high (which is rarely happended).

In a marriage a man should have those three things. A marriage can be run well with that. And I still can not have one of them, so I don’t think I can have a marriage anytime soon. And especially I still can not find a woman who can let me to be a protector and decision maker

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